Bell Tower Schoolhouse, LLC
A Comprehensive Learning Center

Dr. John Link
Fair Grove, MO

I am honored and consider it a privilege to recommend Mrs. Becky Kaisler as a possible educator in your district. I have known Mrs. Kaisler since she and her family moved to Missouri several years ago and have always found her to be of great moral character with traditional family values. She is a consummate professional with the essential work ethic to be successful for children in this high academic achievement and accountability world we now are a part of. From my experience as her former superintendent, Mrs. Kaisler is committed to developing the whole child through her instruction and assessment techniques. She is a firm believer in the technology of today and strives to supply each child with a diverse mixture of educational experiences. Children of all academic levels are afforded opportunities for academic success as well as opportunities to grow and develop socially. Please allow me to reiterate the passion and love Mrs. Becky Kaisler has for her students and the entire educational family she would become a part of. She is a dedicated and committed employee and will never settle for less than the student’s best, because they will not get anything less than her best.

Barb Palmer
5th Grade Teacher
Hartville, MO

I had the privilege of teaching with Becky Kaisler for several years at Hartville Elementary School. During this time not only did Becky become my friend, but her enthusiasm for teaching and technology was contagious. Becky was always so creative in her classroom and made learning come alive for her students. She was skillfully able to incorporate technology into all of her lessons and encouraged her students to not be afraid to use the technology that the eMINTS program made available. In addition to being a skilled educator, Becky is a caring, compassionate friend, co-worker, mother, and grandmother as well. She loves people and is trustworthy and dependable. I feel that her preschool will be a great success... not only will she provide an outstanding program for her students, but she will love and care for them as well. I am confident that the students at Bell Tower Preschool will receive the best that life has to offer!


We are very blessed to have such supportive families at Bell Tower Schoolhouse.  Thank you parents for the wonderful testimonials! We are looking forward to spending another great year with you! For those of you who have children moving on to higher grades, we hope to see them here in our after school program!